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Ly Adverbs – Obviously this is Useful

Ly Adverbs are words with an “ly” on the end, like unfortunately. I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to those “parts of a sentence” things in English, so don’t ask for the simple explanation.


Simple deletions

Simple deletions are where part of the meaning are left out or lost. You can notice them in sentences with it and that. Also when referring to missing descriptions (adjectives) – as in “Please give me the report.”


Unspecified Verbs – Understanding the Process

Unspecified verbs are verbs (the doing part) in a sentence that don’t fully describe the action taking place. They don’t give enough information to let you know what is going on for them. People usually fill in the gap with their own experience – called Mind reading.


Unspecified Nouns – Who or What

Unspecified nouns are nouns (the person/being or thing part) where you don’t know who or what they are specifically talking about. NLP calls this a lack of referential index. Don’t you love these terms? Not knowing who or what the person is talking about can result in misunderstanding. You (or they) tend to fill in […]