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Linguistic Presuppositions – Accepting What I Say

As a communicator, wouldn’t it be great if people accepted what you said without question sometimes?¬†Linguistic presuppositions are the most powerful of the Meta model and Milton model language patterns.


Lost Performatives – Not my Beliefs

Lost performatives are when someone is talking about a personal belief, but presents it as though it was a universal truth. We then accept it as true without questioning it as we would if we heard it as someone’s personal opinion.


Cause effects – How our world works

Cause effects are statements that show how someone believes something works. That X causes Y, or that doing X makes Y happen. Like all beliefs, just because we believe something, it doesn’t make it true. Often looking at our statements can open us up to solutions we hadn’t considered, by questioning our model of the […]


Mind reading – Jumping to Conclusions

Mind reading is assuming you know what the other person is thinking or feeling without checking. This pattern causes a great deal of interpersonal difficulties and is another of the important Meta model problem solving strategies.


Nominalizations – Recipe for Misunderstanding

Nominalizations are processes (verbs) we turn into nouns. Doing this sends deceptive messages to our brains. For example, a “decision” is actually the process of deciding; a relationship is the process of relating to someone. By changing the process into a fixed static thing, we can feel it is unchanging and limit our choices for […]