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Sounds Right Convincer

How things sound convinces sounds right people. They are particularly sensitive to the qualities of voices. News presenters for instance have an authoritative tone. They can often detect hesitancy or desperation in someone’s tone.


Looks Right Convincer

Looks right people are convinced when they like what they see. They need some kind of visual representation of what you are offering. With physical products, this is easy – show them the thing, the picture, or the model. If it’s an idea, you can show a diagram or graph.


Options Procedures Filter

Michael Hall in his book “Figuring out People: Reading People using Meta Programs” calls the options procedures filter “Operational Style”. Shelle Rose Charvet calls it “Motivation Reason”. A person can organize tasks, situations and even life in one of two ways – options or procedures. They can search for and use options – what are […]


Thing Motivation Preference

With a thing motivation preference your primary interest focuses on what is in the location or environment. You would direct attention to having, owning or collecting things. These could be tangible things like possessions, money and food, or intangible things like certificates, status and power.


Activity Motivation Preference

With an activity motivation preference as a primary interest sort, you would focus on what you or others do. This sort likes to be active, going out and doing things.


Information Motivation Preference

With an information motivation preference as a primary interest, you would focus on ideas and learning. Bookstores, seminars, research and asking questions might be favorite pastimes. People with this preference value information about people, places, things or activities (the secondary sort determines the type of information). They like to analyze.


People Motivation Preference

With a people motivation preference as a primary interest sort, you would be outgoing and friendly and do well in people oriented jobs. Your focus would be relationships and relating.


Place Motivation Preference

With a place motivation preference as a primary interest sort you would have an strong awareness of your location. Certain places would be important. Where you did or were going to do something would be a key factor in your decisions.


Frame of Reference – key to confidence

Our frame of reference is one of the key Meta programs. It involves how we determine our needs and desires and how we evaluate our successes. Where do we get our authority, rights, privileges, permissions for our actions and decisions? How much, and what kind of feedback do we need to know how well we […]


The motivation reason Meta Program or Modal Operator Filter

The motivation reason filter can show whether someone chooses from necessity or possibility. Why do you make the choices in your life? Do possibilities or obligations motivate you more? If you are choosing based on necessity, it can seem as though you do not have a choice. It is part of how we motivate ourselves.

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