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About me – who’s behind NLP-Mentor

Hi, I am Kim Davis, an NLP Master Practitioner living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Kim Davis photo

I started training in NLP in 1992, and it has been profoundly valuable in every part of my life. I became an NLP practitioner in 1994 and completed Master practitioner in 1996 with Inform Training and Research (certified to international standards with INLPTA). In those days, there was no such thing as fast track NLP courses or seven-day programs thank goodness. I have done a fast track Tad James Master Practitioner course, so I have seen the other side.

I am not writing this site as an “expert” or for the experts, even though I’m entitled to do so. Other sites do that – like Robert Dilts Encyclopedia of NLP.

I am putting together this resource as my expression of what I have learned over the years. My experience, my knowledge and wisdom. My intention has been to explain the complicated terminology and make it understandable to ordinary people, even at the expense of using technically “incorrect” terms. An American English translation if you like.

While I don’t have NLP trainer’s qualifications, I did a 24-day program on Presentation, Training and Facilitation. This certification is (wait for it) in the “Educational Applications of Generative Learning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, created by Marvin Oka, an amazing thinker and NLP trainer.

I didn’t want to teach NLP, I wanted to teach using it. I think one of the underestimated aspects of NLP is skill development. I have degrees in Business Administration and Multimedia and a Masters degree in e Learning. As you might have guessed, I love to learn, ok so maybe I am even a nerd.

I am passionate also about business, communication, change management, Internet programming and marketing. 

Emotional management and communication skills are vitally important.  Too often we think we know how to talk to others (and obviously they are the problem), that there is nothing to learn except maybe how to influence/manipulate them better. Understanding yourself and others is the most valuable thing you can accomplish. Without this, nothing will be easy or straightforward.

The purpose of this site is to help others on their journey. I was fortunate to have the time and resources to do lots of expensive training and read many books. Not everyone has this luxury, although nothing yet can compare with an NLP training with a great trainer.

When I was studying Multimedia and Internet Programming, I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to make some of the tools I had available online.

This site is the beginning of this. There are many pieces of the puzzle, and the Internet is still not well suited to learning online, especially communication skills and other “soft subjects”.

I am not affiliated with any particular “brand” of NLP. I have tried to include and reconcile the different schools. I no longer have a formal practice, although this may change. Too many other things I love to do, writing being one of them.

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