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Anthony Robbins – Master of Positive Powerful States

Anthony Robbins (Tony Robbins) is one of the most recognized personalities in NLP He is an outstanding marketer and media personality. He has probably contributed the most to the popularization of Neuro Linguistic Programming, writing books, appearing on infomercials, television (where he demonstrated the The NLP Phobia Treatment), radio and in the comedy Shallow Hal.

Here is his TED talk – Why we do what we do

His work incorporates and extends many NLP Techniques and principles. In the early 80’s he became famous for his fire walking seminars, developed at the suggestion of NLP co-founder and then mentor John Grinder, based on NLP Modeling.

Two of his well known books are

Some of Anthony Robbins ideas

  • The root of all human problems is behavior.
  • Behavior and actions are driven by our states, particularly emotional states and physiology.
  • Our lives are shaped by our everyday decisions – it’s not what we do once in a while that matters, but what we do consistently.
  • Learning is accelerated by increasing the rate at which you make mistakes.
  • Making a commitment to long-term results rather than short-term fixes is one of the most important decisions we can make.
  • Commitment is about cutting yourself off from other possibilities.
  • Making rapid decisions is about being clear on values.
  • A strong enough “why” will enable you to achieve almost anything.
  • Most people have lots of ways to feel bad, but only a few ways to feel good.

Read more about Tony Robbins ideas and techniques here…

Tony Robbins techniques and concepts


He has been criticized for:

  • The use of kinesiology.
  • The idea that there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed and that he conveniently has the answer.
  • For attempting to make NLP his own under a different name.
  • For the hypocrisy of getting divorced while touting seminars for the perfect marriage.
  • For his ideas about health and diet (such as food combining) as well as the validity of some research presented in his book Unlimited Power.

He has been involved with lawsuits, about misrepresenting the potential earnings of franchises for his motivational seminars and copyright infringement relating to the book “Wall Street Money Machine”

Worth Modeling

His marketing and public relations achievements are surely worth modeling as well as his ability to develop practical and popular applications of NLP. He seeks high profile publicity like his association with Bill Clinton and other political and entertainment industry celebrities.

Anthony Robbins has a strong orientation to contribution and is the founder of the Anthony Robbins foundation.

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