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NLP Videos

Videos of some of the people behind Neuro Linguistic Programming Steve Andreas – Demonstrates the compulsion blowout technique to eliminate a compulsion to collect things. Richard Bandler – Demonstrates a process in his inimitable style. Robert Dilts – Explains “what is NLP” for him. Milton Erickson – Videos include some clips of Erickson and Robert […]


The Resource Becomes the Anchor

Question: I have practiced anchoring and have found that when I anchor a specific state, something unexpected has happened. Lets say that I want to anchor positivity and I choose to use rubbing my index finger and thumb together as if I was making a ball out of play dough. What happens is not only […]


The Milton Model | NLP Hypnosis

Question: I know the milton model was created after studying milton eriksons work? but doing all the 3 levels of NLP that can qualify also as an advanced hypnotist do you learn basicly the same things? If not can you please detail what you learn in NLP about hypnosis and what you learn at the […]


Practicing NLP

Question: My partner has his masters degree in nlp, he wants to start practicing phobia cures, self help etc. I want to know what legalities there are involved, does he need to register as a business? Pay tax? He has a job and only wants to do it on the side. Any help would be […]

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