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Future Pacing Technique

Future pacing is a type of Mental Imagery, a powerful way to anchor or connect changes and resources to future situations or a particular event (such as a sporting performance). Usually practitioners do future pacing at the end of an NLP process to ensure the changes are available outside in the everyday world. It is […]


The New Behavior Generator

The New Behavior Generator is an NLP technique using mental imagery or rehearsal for getting long-term outcomes. Outcomes usually require ongoing behavior and responses. To get that qualification for instance you need many small skills, such as persistence, being able to keep the vision and/or optimism.


Mental Imagery – Creating Your Future

Top sports people and communicators often use mental imagery or rehearsal to improve their performance. Bandler and Grinder developed what they called Future Pacing as a way to test changes achieved during an NLP session and to make sure these changes carried through to real life.