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Creating Metaphors for Change

Have you ever changed your behavior or what you believe due to a logical argument? Me neither? Creating metaphors is a great way to get someone to change by communicating with their unconscious minds.


New Submodalities for new Realities

I’m still reading Ray Kurzweil’s “The singularity is near“. It’s about the exponential growth in technology and genetics and where it is heading. He talks about the biology of our brains, and how we store memories, holographically. We don’t just have one place for a memory, they are stored multiple times in different locations.


Cyclone Yasi – the big picture

This incredible satellite picture shows Cyclone Yasi only hours before crossing the coast of North Queensland. It looks serene and magnificent from where I sit. That is the thing about a big picture view, and you probably can’t get much bigger than a satellite view.

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