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The Compulsion Blowout Technique

A compulsion blowout is a submodality pattern for intense behaviors and responses you feel forced to do. Many compulsions are just trivial and don’t interfere with your life and energy, like having to straighten a crooked picture.


The Last Straw Technique

The Compulsion Blowout Technique takes the feeling of desire for something and intensifies it past the point of desirability. The last straw technique does the opposite. It takes a feeling of unpleasantness and amplifies it until you are no longer willing to put up with it.


Threshold Patterns

Two common threshold patterns are The Compulsion Blowout Technique and The Last Straw Technique. In a way, they are the opposite of each other. With the compulsion blowout, you are accumulating positive feeling until it is unsustainable. With the last straw, you are accumulating negative experiences until you have had enough.