Convincer Channel

Convincer Channel – Presenting to Persuade

Our convincer channel refers to the most persuasive Representational System for information. What sort of information do we need to make a decision? What submodalities within this do you find most compelling?

As a salesperson, this is useful information right? What do I need to give them to convince them to buy my stuff? Do they want pictures or some kind of visual presentation? Can I just convince them with the passion I have for my product? Do they need to try it out for themselves? Maybe they need the technical specifications.

How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

The wrong kind of presentation will alienate the very person you are trying to persuade. Giving a feels right person technical specifications can frustrate them. Showing a sounds right person lots of pictures and diagrams can make them tune out.

convincer channel diagram

Looks Right Convincer

Looks right people are convinced when they like what they see. They need some kind of visual representation of what you are offering. With physical products, this is easy – show them the thing, the picture, or the model. If it’s an idea, you can show a diagram or graph.

Sounds Right Convincer

How things sound convinces sounds right people. They are particularly sensitive to the qualities of voices. News presenters for instance have an authoritative tone. They can often detect hesitancy or desperation in someone’s tone.

Feels Right Convincer

People with a feels right (or kinesthetic) convincer usually need to do something or do it with someone, to be convinced. They need to feel the right sensations. If you are selling to them, make sure they get some hands on experience or try it out. Listening to you rave on or seeing lots of pictures is not going to do it.

Makes Sense Convincer

A makes sense convincer is not a primary representation convincer but a conceptual one. It comes from the auditory digital representational system. They need to understand or make sense of their world in a logical way.

Some NLP people think of this as merely linear procedural thinking. This is a simplistic view. While they are able to create order, it is more about synthesis and the ability to reconcile.

Finding Their Convincer Channel

To find out what someone’s convincer representation is, ask

  • Why did you decide on your last car?
  • How do you know someone is good at her job?
  • What do you think about when buying a new outfit?
  • How do you know I care about you? (Important to know in a relationship)

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