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Convincer Strategies – Building and Changing Beliefs

A belief is something you are convinced is true. Convincer Strategies are how you or someone else created that belief in the first place (and how you can change it). This is a handy thing to know when you want to convince someone to buy your product/service or your ideas. Convincing yourself to change behaviors that are not serving you can also be good.

We make decisions and take action based on what we think is true. If I am convinced that exercising three times a week will get me back into my favorite shorts, I might decide it’s worthwhile. If I don’t think it will make any difference, then why bother?

What I might find convincing, might be silly to you and vice versa. How easily are you convinced you can trust someone you have just met? Does what they say influence you more, or what they do? Do you give people the benefit of the doubt? Do they need to prove themselves over time?

How do you know something is valuable or important? Is it because you have compared all the prices or because that expert on TV gave her opinion? What makes something believable to you? What kind of information do you need to gather to make a decision? Do you research information, talk to others, experience a little bit of each choice, go look at the different options?

red-question-markConvincer channel

Our Convincer Channel refers to the most persuasive representational system for information. What sort of information do we need to make a decision? What submodalities within this do you find most compelling?

Convincer mode

Our Convincer Mode Meta program is about the process we use to become convinced after we have gathered information in our convincer channel. This mode evolves through our experiences of trust we may never believe anyone, or maybe we are prepared to give people the benefit of the doubt. It is part of our overall strategy for believability.

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