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Easy Ways to Lose Weight

NLP and hypnosis offers many easy ways to lose weight. Such as help with gaining good habits, overcoming compulsions or bad habits, creating well formed outcomes and being motivated.

Increase your metabolism

Our metabolic rate determines how many calories we can take in before the excess gets stored. By increasing metabolism, you can lose weight without eating less calories or exercising more.

Easy ways to lose weight: Overcome bad eating habits

  • Many people have a stress eating response. Create a resource anchor with NLP Anchoring so you don’t use food (particularly bad carb cakes and cookies) to relax.
  • The Compulsion Blowout Technique can overcome cravings for particular food. This submodality technique works well for chocolate addiction and various simple carbohydrate and sugar addictions.

  • NLP Swish pattern can link the impulse to over eat with a new powerful self-image. Binge eating can take over a person’s life, making them feel out of control and shameful
  • NLPs best appetite suppressant is Future Pacing a new strategy ahead of time. What alternate behavior such as drinking a glass of water first, slowing down your eating, or taking a walk would be more useful?
  • Emotional over eating can stack on the weight fast, without dealing with the bad feelings we were trying to fix. Time Line Therapy can overcome negative emotions. Techniques such as The Six Step Reframe Technique can make peace with our unconscious urges.

Have accurate maps

  • Calculators and Charts Are you really overweight? This page has several useful weight loss calculators and tools
  • Many studies also connect obesity to health problems, such as lowered fitness, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, sleep difficulties (and resulting side effects such as lowered immunity) and an overall reduced life expectancy.
  • Your hormones play a major role in your appetite and the way you store and burn fat. Learn how to work with weight loss hormones, you cannot fight them. The major glands in your endocrine system secrete hormones directly responsible for many weight control functions.
  • Sleep deprivation drops metabolism by 10%. It increases our levels of hunger hormones (grehlin) and decreases the hormone that signals satiety (leptin). It also increases cortisol, which reduces testosterone (along with our ability to stay lean)

Enjoy eating healthy food

  • There is so much conflicting and simplistic advice around, we need healthy eating guidelines.
  • If you aren’t getting enough nutrients, your body will want more. Bodies don’t count calories, they send messages for you to get raw materials. Vegetables are powerful satisfiers of appetite, have many nutrients and are generally low in calories (unless you drown them in high calorie dressings)
  • Develop healthy eating habits.
    We can change our associations to certain foods with techniques such as Mapping Across and NLP Anchoring If timing is the problem (skipping meals etc) we can use the Mental Imagery to rehearse eating at particular times.

Easy ways to lose weight: Get Motivated

  • Get the motivation to lose weight
    Try out The Last Straw Technique to make it happen.
  • By making sure you have a compelling Well Formed Outcome, you can maintain long term dieting or exercise motivation.
  • When do you find yourself exercising or being active without consciously thinking about it? When do you find yourself at the gym, out jogging, or playing sport? Use Mapping Across and Future Pacing Technique to experience this more often.

Exercise to burn fat

Importance of physical fitness in weight loss.

Many people focus on reducing food intake to lose weight. While it is extremely difficult to continue to over eat and lose weight just by increasing activity, physical fitness plays a vital part.

Know how to burn calories

Just being alive burns a certain number of calories. Our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the calories each of us needs to maintain our life functions. Dropping below this amount slows down our metabolism – we go into conservation mode.

Exercises to lose weight

Additionally, we burn calories through activity – standing burns more calories than sitting, walking/moving burns more than standing. Moving faster (running etc) burns more than moving slowly. Use Mental Imagery to make extra activity part of your day.

Gaining muscle mass, particularly core muscles increases metabolism in the long term. 1lb of extra muscle means you can eat an extra 40 – 120 calories a day. One of the reasons people put on weight as they get older is the decrease of muscle mass (if we don’t maintain our muscle mass we lose 5% every 10 years). We might stay the same weight, but have to eat less calories to do that.

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

Weight bearing exercise is the best and easiest long term weight loss method (or at least waist loss method). It’s really the leanness that counts isn’t it? Two people can be exactly the same height and weight, but the one with more muscle will be slimmer. Adding a pound (.45kg) of muscle increases your Basal Metabolic Rate by 40 – 120 calories. You need more calories to stay the same weight.

Other really easy ways to lose weight

  • I can make you thin
    I can make you thin is Paul Mc Kenna’s best selling book about the structure of being thin. I really like this book and the hypnosis session CD it comes with. Paul has really thought this one through and tested out his ideas on a worldwide audience. It is not just a simplistic rehash of “common sense” as so many weight loss books seem to be.

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