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ENTJ – Frank, Like to Lead, Logical, Decisive

Extroverted – Intuiting – Thinking – Judging

The ENTJ’s are competent, confident, independent, intelligent logical and decisive. They have natural leadership in the sense of most people’s thinking on what leadership traits make this up. They like (and mostly need) to be in charge and improve systems and situations.

They like to develop their abilities with challenges. They are interested in future possibilities and are good at long term strategic planning.

They have a strong drive for acting, directing and controlling. They have an ambition to succeed and achieve their objectives. They can see what needs doing and delegate easily. They can be quite forceful in making their plans a reality.

The ENTJ pattern makes for innovative, imaginative, optimistic possibility thinking. They love new ideas and get impatient with mundane details and the slow pace of events or people. Ambition can lead them to take on too much at work at the expense of their personal lives.

They are confident, alert and outspoken. Competence, concepts and cerebral activity is more engaging than personal relating. They make logical rather than value based decisions. The judging preference can incline them to hasty decision making

Most Developed Skill

ENTJs strongest drive is to make logical decisions. They are action oriented, critical, energetic and analytical. This pattern allows for excellent detached, strong impersonal logical decision-making. The skills of productivity and efficiency are also likely to be strongly developed.


Their strengths lie in their ability to innovate and understand complex ideas. They have confidence, drive and the courage to take risks. They make strong clear decisions, overcome problems, and take on new ideas. They are strongly motivated to be competent, have high standards for self and others, and a strong work ethic. They are innovative, visionary, see possibilities and deduce principles and trends.


Because ENTJs dominant skill is in thinking, their strongest skill is in analytical, logical decision-making. They also have strong organizational skills.


They are almost compelled to challenge authority and rules. They can be arrogant, remote and rough with people’s feelings. They can be intimidating and overpowering with a lack of diplomacy. They can be very impatient with people who aren’t as quick thinking as they are. There is a tendency to make hasty decisions by overlooking tedious details.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can be arrogant, condescending, aggressive, tough minded and mercenary.

Typical Expression

They can seem impatient and critical.


ENTJs value intelligence, quick thinking, analysis, action. They also value competence and excellence.


They have high need for autonomy, variety, stimulation and challenging work. They are impatient with people who do not think as quickly as they do.


The Intuiting Thinking combination learns best with complex systems, theories and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions, the big picture and implications.

Least Developed Skills

The least developed skill is introverted feeling. This shows itself as an inability to express appropriate feelings both verbally and non-verbally, and to deal with the feelings of others.

They can withdraw from other people or be melodramatic. The lack of people skills, and drive to make things happen, combine to create impatience and desire to interrupt – to stop messing around and get on with things.

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