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Feels Right Convincer

People with a feels right or kinesthetic convincer usually need to do something or do it with someone, to be convinced of someone or something’s value. They need to feel the right sensations.

If you are selling to them, make sure they get some hands on experience or try it out. Listening to you rave on or seeing lots of pictures is not going to do it. They may feel discomfort or even pain in the presence of technical specifications.

They work out that something is believable by the internal sensations they get. They have a gut reaction if you like – their body sensations give information. Often combined with the gustatory system and olfactory system they can say things like “I smell a rat” or “It left a bad taste.”

Submodalities that make something convincing can involve a sense of balance or solidity, a warm feeling or stillness for instance.

To get a taste of this if you don’t normally do Kinesthetic System Processing, consider how your stomach feels when you are sure about something. What happens in your body when you think about something you believe strongly? You may have to use Mapping Across – by imagining this belief firstly in your primary representational system then tuning into the feelings that go with it.

Convincing Feels Right Words and Phrases

The kinds of words and phrases that will feel right are kinesthetic system words like “feel, get a handle on, touch, stroke, caress, sensation, fondle, grasp, gather, in contact with, connect, concrete, sensitive, delicate, solid, soft, flexible, smooth, velvety, silky, supple, hot, warm, balmy, tender, loving, affectionate, try it out, work with it, grapple with it, try it on, test it out, wet your appetite ”

You can convince someone it’s not a good idea (or if they have away from motivation direction), by using words such as “thump, pour cold water on, wet blanket, blow, hit, knock, bite, lash, abuse, strike, bash, punch, smack, collide with, run into, smash into, slap in the face, pound, grind, pulverize, grate, scrape, crush, pressure, heavy, weight, burden, bully, cold, hurt, thin skinned, upset”


Evidence they may need to know you care includes

  • Tenderness
  • Affection
  • Hugs
  • Warmth
  • Doing things for them
  • Cooking or preparing meals (made with love)
  • Massages

They may show they care in similar ways

  • Men in particular might do things around the house
  • Household maintenance and repairs
  • Gardening
  • Taking you to dinner
  • Washing your back in the bath

If you have a partner with a different convincer channel, it is important to avoid Mind reading and check out their evidence of your caring. “How do you know I love and care for you?”

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