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Grabbing them by the Emotions

I hate beer. So how could something entice me into drinking it (or at least thinking about it) on a hot sultry Australian summer day. Marketers have come a long way.

My cave person marketer may have said “hey buddy, I’ve got some brewing down by the stream – want a sip?” It’s pretty easy to entice someone when the product is right there, and he can see, smell and taste it for himself.

At a slightly more intangible level, when marketing to the next village, he may have sent a messenger with first hand experience. So Grog says “my friend down by the stream makes great beer, I love it on a hot day, he keeps the skins in the water so it’s cool and refreshing, want me to bring some back?”

Our world has become bigger and more distant. The products we want to sell are intangible and the benefits can become increasingly symbolic. How do you sell the concept of refreshing? When you are marketing to the world, how do you translate even tangible things to a digital ad?

One way is to use immersion. When I studied Multimedia game development, I found out why I could play for hours with no awareness of time and place. Many use association and kinesthetic processing.  Engaging the emotions with music and images.

And of course surround sound, 3D pictures will take you further into association than a tinny sound that seems to come from a long way off and a flat faded image. Manipulating submodalities can take you into or out of emotions whenever you please.

So what did it take to make me consider beer? Check out the ad

What do you think? Is it the 3D effect, the drums, rhythm, music or all of them? Can language come close? How do you get immersed in a story which has none of these. How can you get sucked into a memory when it is all in your imagination?

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