History of NLP

History of NLP

Our history of NLP begins with Alfred Korzybski’s work in general semantics (language). According to Robert Dilts, Korzybski first mentioned the term “Neurolinguistics” in 1941 rather than as some have suggested the term was made up on the spot when Bandler was asked what he did.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler

What do you get when you cross a computer programmer (Richard Bandler) and a Linguist (John Grinder)? Something interesting! Both these fields are part of the expanding body of knowledge that is NLP today.

With any two systems or people or fields, when you put them together they become more than their separate parts. They brought their different approaches to bear on the work of some amazing people. What emerged from these two different approaches was a “model of models” of how people work.

They analyzed the extraordinary talents and experiences of three amazing human beings and created Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  1. Fritz Perls – Inspiration for the Meta Model(Gestalt Therapy) emphasized human potential, free from the baggage of the past.
  2. Virginia Satir – Healing the World through Family Therapy brought powerful communication and change techniques to the field.
  3. Milton Erickson – Legendary Hypnotherapist, a psychiatrist and medical hypnotherapist used the unconscious mind for generating solutions.

Other important figures in the development of NLP include:

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