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In-time – Experiencing Life in the Present

In-time is a common time line type. With this time sort, a person experiences being in the present moment. Their sense of time passes through their body at some point. There is little awareness of time passing. Usually some part of the person’s history or future is unavailable unless they turn their head.

in time time line

If someone has this timeline type, they will often be late for appointments because right now is more real than the future. They dislike personal organizers, planning and being accountable for time. They will often use a simple system like a diary or calendar to remember future events.

This timeline creates highly emotional memories and is a therefore a good way to remember experiences or things you want to remember. It enables spontaneity, flexibility and creativity. Many artists experience this way of filtering time. It is not so useful for doing business in a Western Culture or other areas where deadlines are involved. It is great for being on holiday.


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