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Inactive Action Filter – the Non-Reflective Inactive Quadrant

The inactive action filter combines an absence of reflection and activity. This combination ideally occurs in a meditative state. It could also be catatonia – not so good.

inactive action filter diagram

The parasympathetic nervous system creates a dampening effect. Your heart rate slows down. Digestion happens and breathing deepens. We process information.

This doesn’t happen well when we are continually hyped up with adrenaline. It is a useful thing. Yet somehow, we don’t value this recovery function. We idolize action, see being busy and active as somehow heroic.


This quadrant is not useful when you need to take action to change things. Being stuck here is like automatic pilot. Many people develop habits that take them through the whole day.

It can sap your life force and drain opportunities. It can seep into your bones and suck out your motivation and energy. This is what a comfort zone is. You know how to do something, so you can do it with minimal energy and don’t have to think about it.

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