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INFJ is Quiet, Seeks Connection between Ideas, Decisive, Organized

Introvert – Intuiting – Feeling -Judging

INFJs look for meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and things. They want to understand what motivates people. They focus on creating a meaningful vision for the greater good. They then want to implement it in organized and decisive ways. That is they are doers as well as dreamers.

Possibilities, ideals and compassion for people, especially those less fortunate are motivating. They are original, creative, insightful and innovative.

INFJs are loyal committed, conscientious and idealistic. They value harmony, agreement and cooperation. They have a strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others. They are good with language and communication both written and oral. They tend to be perfectionists and can be overly sensitive to criticism.

Most Developed Skill

INFJs strongest drive is for theories and possibilities. They see implications everywhere and are introspective, scholarly and focused. They are able to express a range of emotion and make great counselors.


Their strengths lie in their clarity of insight, particularly about people. They are great motivators and conflict resolvers. They are excellent communicators and creative problem solvers. They can be charismatic, receptive, adaptable and flexible. They are often fluent with written and oral language.


Introvert Intuiting Feeling Judging’s dominant skill is in intuiting. This skill is for seeing the big picture, recognizing patterns and creating a vision. This pattern is useful for originality and innovation as well as developing and implementing ideas.


Self absorption can make them impractical and overlook important details. They can be sensitive to criticism and have high standards for themselves (can be perfectionists). This can lead to putting off the doing of plans, while they keep refining them.

They can be moody and absent minded. They often have an inability to criticize and discipline others and be assertive. They may find it difficult to detach. They have problems working in competitive environments.

Stress Response

Under stress, they can become withdrawn. They can also become tough minded, reserved, impulsive, a drama queen and fussy

Typical Expression

INFJs typically express scholarly, complex, innovative ideas. They are warm and inclusive.


The pattern values introspective reflection and ideas. They crave private space, autonomy and the opportunity to be productive.


They have high need for harmony, meaningfulness and humanistic values. They dislike competitive, tense, unpleasant environments


The Intuiting combination learns best when given the big picture, implications and possibilities. They are comfortable with abstractions and theories, particularly in relation to people.

Least Developed Skill

INFJs least developed skill is in Sensing – getting sensory information from the environment. So they tend to jump to conclusions from limited evidence/facts.

A lack of step-by-step logic can show itself as incorrect deductions that arrive out of the blue without foundation. Learning inductive reasoning can be useful. This type can also be oblivious to the external environment.

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