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International Beer Day

Today, I heard is international beer day, also some other day but I forget which. Anyway, what are we supposed to do with an “international x… day?”

Are we supposed to consider as a human race the significance of a a particular topic? I know on international women’s day for instance, organizers around the word hold rallies and events showcasing women’s contributions, how to advance the cause in specific ways, as well as important things to address like sex slavery and female friendly businesses.

But what do we do on international beer day? Do we consider the role beer plays in making poor people poorer? creating unwanted pregnancy? reducing anxiety and improving communications? loosening the boundaries of creative thinking to improve problem solving?

Every behavior and element has a good and bad history as well as lots in between. We can’t universally label anything as good or bad. As Edward de Bono tells us, every situation has pluses, minuses and interesting points.

So what is your “topic” of the day? Mine certainly won’t be beer. Maybe we could make up our own x.. day? Like today is clean desk day, or staying focused on my project day, or being healthier day.

What if we devoted all our mental resources to making one part of our personal world better? Rather than dare I say it “thinking about beer all day”?

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  1. Lol…point well put across. By this post the author subtly tells us to spend our time in more constructive rather than celebrating one of our vices; drinking!

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