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Looks right people are convinced when they like what they see. They need some kind of visual representation of what you are offering. With physical products, this is easy – show them the thing, the picture, or the model. If it’s an idea, you can show a diagram or graph.

The Visual System submodalities come in here. That’s why advertisers have bright colorful shiny brochures. While there are submodalities that generally appeal, each person will find some codings are more convincing than others.

looks right imaginaryWhat are the submodalities that make something believable for you? For instance, some may find their real pictures (rather than their imagined ones) are framed. Many associate the clarity, location or size of a picture with its believability. A small fuzzy distant picture seems less convincing.

Try it for yourself (if you have visual system skills). What is the difference between how you represent something you did yesterday and something you imagine you did? How do you know whether the pictures you have in your head are real or imagined? You have to have a way to tell the difference if you want a stable personal world.

Convincing Looks Right Words and Phrases

When talking to them, help them get the picture by using visual words and phrases like “imagine, see it in action, just to clarify, perspective, look, show, see, notice, colorful, bright, vivid, vibrant, brilliant, glowing, luminous, hue, dazzling, glittering, image, view, horizon, outlook, scene.”

You can also paint a picture to convince someone it’s not a good idea (or to convince if they have away from motivation direction. For instance “gloomy, foggy, dull, overcast, dreary, bleak, murky, dark, hazy, blurry, unclear, fuzzy, shadowy, faded, pale, gray, washed out, stained, dirty, bleached, tarnished, dim”


Someone with a looks right convincer might Mind read someone cares by the way the other looks at them (you know – that loving look). They demonstrate their caring through personal grooming, a clean attractive house etc.

With mixed relationships, I might be busy cleaning the house and getting dressed up, while my partner is changing light bulbs and repairing furniture (and messing up the place in the process). Neither of us is feeling loved, even though both are showing we care in our own way.

This kind of scenario is a common recipe for misunderstanding and for both to feel the other doesn’t care.

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