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Makes sense is not a primary representation convincer but a conceptual one. It comes from the auditory digital representational system and is a language or symbol based representation of other sensory systems.
This convincer uses higher order thinking – our Stone Age ancestors probably had more experience with the sensory-based representational systems, particularly feeling and instinct. Our modern world has more need for symbolic approaches.

While we all use this kind of thinking, someone convinced by logic needs to understand or make sense of her world in a logical way. Some NLP people think of this as merely linear procedural thinking. This is a simplistic view of logic and objective thinking. Considering things at a distance, doesn’t equal linearity.

While they are able to create order, it is more about synthesis and the ability to reconcile. There is an overlap with the Thinking Preference. They need to figure things out, to understand. Their favorite word is “why” and they usually talk to themselves, do diagrams and write

The submodalities that are convincing usually involve a comparison, and therefore dissociation (you can’t compare pictures for instance that you are associated in)

They like data, facts, words and logic. They will be more convinced by what they read, but also by how things come together. For instance, that what they see, hear and feel is not in conflict, that the person’s actions reflect her words.

Data needs to be logically sound, suggesting that they are able to stand back and compare more than one event or source. When selling to them, provide reports, books, fact sheets, written recommendations and comparisons.

There will also be a strong underlying secondary representational system. It is all very well processing information internally, but that information originally had to come from their senses and the outside world.

Convincing Makes Sense Words and Phrases

The kinds of words and phrases that will make sense are auditory digital system words like “understand, logic, reason, judgment, common sense, reasonable, comprehend, figure out, realize, be aware of, know, identify, discern, think, contemplate, articulate, reconcile, consider, assume, system, synthesize, integrate, organization, scheme, structure, coordinate, analyze, classify”


Makes sense people may know they are cared about by

  • Demonstrations in any of the other representational systems
  • Perhaps by someone leaving notes
  • Emails or letters
  • Someone writing poetry for them
  • Taking care of the paperwork
  • Other functional ways

They show they care in similar ways.

  • Perhaps showing how capable or intelligent
  • Giving advice (not always interpreted as caring)
  • Being logical and reasonable (sometimes infuriating)

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