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Making it up

Making it up

Last week, I came across an ad for a podcasting course that said “35% of all people prefer to listen to information and ideas” Where do marketers get these figures from – the Miyagi principle? For those unfamiliar this goes “everything we know, everywhere was made up at sometime by someone”

Some take this to extremes, without any basic for what they have made up. Most noticeable of course on the Internet. I hate how research and surveys and figures in percentages at plopped down as though they were facts on websitesI Do 35% of people have preferred representational system of auditory?

I tried to find some figures on job satisfaction for instance and they ranged from 80% dissatisfaction to 80% satisfaction. How can two sources have such different results. And yet our brains go ” I believe that” and drag up all your experiences about working and satisfying your jobs have been. In other words, we make the facts fit what we already believe.

I love how brains do that, it’s really the foundation of perception. Which is why marketers are so good at finding numbers and “facts” to support what they want your to believe. What do you plant to anchor these perceptions? How do you set expectations for yourself and other people?

The podcasting thing I rejected out of hand based on my own preferences and experiences (it may be true, I don’t know). I do not like having to go at the speed of sound – talking rate when I can absorb the whole idea in a couple of minutes if it’s written out. It also forces me to go at their pace.

On the other hand, when listening to a pod cast I also have time to let my thoughts wander a little and connect what is being said  or even pause the track and go investigate it.  Because with text I have to find my place again.

I also think that for many auditory is a very influential sense for many. It is one of our first senses – babies are aware of sound and voices in the womb after all. As kids we have people talking at us all the time – and they are often more powerful than us. Which is probably why some totally tune out I guess – hate being told what to do.

More to the point though – how many of your beliefs are based on what someone else has made up?

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