Submodality Techniques

Mapping Across – an NLP technique using submodalities

Want to change how you feel about housework or paperwork to how you feel about dancing or some other fun thing? Or maybe you love housework and would like to feel the same way about dancing? Mapping across transfers the submodalities or elements from one particular state or context to another. It is particularly useful when you want to make a resource state available somewhere else.

These two videos demonstrate the overlapping technique the first to deal with a chocolate addiction, the second shows how the pattern can be used to change like to dislike.

The process (sometimes called overlapping)

  1. mapping across diagramIdentify the state or experience you would like to change. Make sure you are associated (re-experiencing as though you were there). With any submodality work, this is vital. …In the video, this woman was being compulsed to eat chocolate in the middle of the night.
  2. Find something that is similar in structure that you would like to have it change to.
    • …In the video, this was something that was absolutely revolting – fresh dog poo.
    • This is a similar color and even texture (likened to Caramello).
    • It was also in a similar representational system – Olfactory System Processing and Gustatory System Processing share a common pathway to our primitive brain.
  3. What is different about these two experiences in terms of submodalities?
    • The aspects that are the same are irrelevant, there may only be one or two differences.
    • One experience may be associated and one dissociated
    • One may be represented as a colorful video, the other a small black and white still picture.
  4. Alter one of the key differences in the first experience to that of the second. For instance make the representation of the first experience black and white.
    • …In the video, the most important submodalities were the location, the representation in black and white, and a sense of heat and steam.
    • There was also sound attached to the first experience but not the second.
    • The trainer essentially melded the sound from the chocolate experience to a possible sound for the second (which isn’t strictly mapping across)


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