Submodality Techniques

New Submodalities for new Realities

I’m still reading Ray Kurzweil’s “The singularity is near“. It’s about the exponential growth in technology and genetics and where it is heading.

He talks about the biology of our brains, and how we store memories, holographically. We don’t just have one place for a memory, they are stored multiple times in different locations.

As we get older these neural nets get pruned. As with any hologram if you smash it (or prune it) and take anyone fragment, you can still see the whole picture but in lower resolution.

Hi Resolution Image
High Resolution Image
Low Resolution Image
Low Resolution Image

So I thought – “what a cool way to fade memories you want to have less influence”. Whereas a familiar submodality to me is clarity/blurred, being a photoshop user this would have much more concreteness to me.

Take my mental image or the whole video and lower the resolution. As Marshall McLuhan once famously said “the medium is the message”.

The tools we use transform our thinking. Now that we are used to the idea of Windows – of having lots of software applications open at once, many people think in terms of their multiple life windows – all the things they have going.

We used to talk about windows of opportunity and it meant an opening – does it still mean the same thing, or does it mean one of the 12 things we have opened in our Vista/Windows/Workspace right now?

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