NLP and NLP Hypnosis

NLP and NLP Hypnosis

The two most important NLP models are the Meta model and the NLP hypnosis model known as the Milton model. Bandler and Grinder found these two models were almost the opposite of each other because they were assisting change from different directions.

Different strategies for change

Milton Erickson’s strategy was to find more resources and choices in the unconscious mind. The Meta model’s takes unconscious material impacting behavior and makes it conscious so it can be re-mapped.

Whereas the The Meta Model takes vague abstract language and makes it more specific to uncover the experiences underneath the language, the The Milton Model distracts the conscious mind by using abstract vague language to communicate directly to the unconscious, using abstract language, metaphor and story.

The Meta model uncovers specific content (people make me angry – which people specifically?). Once you can identify a specific person and behavior or situation that is troubling, you have a chance to reframe and deal with it cleanly.

The Milton model does the reverse. It makes content unspecific (you might recall your favorite people). This makes the person go inside themselves to find personal examples. While searching inside, they are more open to suggestions.

By using gross Generalizations, Deletions and Distortions, you remove all specific content from the message. When a message has no specific content person must go inside to extract personal meaning from their unconscious minds. Artfully vague (vague with a purpose) language gives people the freedom to make their own meaning of words.

For instance, “I wonder if you remember a time when you were really happy and content”. Searching for such a time distracts and uses the conscious mind allowing the unconscious mind to find resources and solutions. The person then enters a trance state.

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