What is NLP

NLP Strategies

NLP strategies are the sequence of mental representations or steps we use to generate our outcomes and experiences. That is sequences of images, sounds, sensations, internal dialogue, tastes and smells. They are the way we remember, learn, decide, solve problems and motivate ourselves.

Simple Strategies

panicWe often have only a few sequences or procedures we apply to most things we do. For instance, we might have a general see then feel then do something strategy where we motivate ourselves by triggering various states by what we see.

See bosses narrow lips and feel intimidated enough to get back to work. See dirty dishes in the sink and feel irritated enough to wash them. See the date on the calendar and feel enough panic to do the report. See someone smiling and feel confident enough to talk to him or her.

Generalized strategies can cause problems. A useful strategy for writing poetry involving auditory digital and kinesthetic system processing (self-talk then feel) would be unuseful to play golf for instance.

Strategies we develop as children for getting what we want may not work in other contexts. Crying because someone criticizes us (hear then feel) might get a parent to back off, but may not work so well with the boss.

Complex Strategies

The codifying of our representations enables us to make fine distinctions about how people achieve things. By mapping the cognitive sequence someone uses to create a certain result, we can duplicate it. This is the basis of NLP Modeling.

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