NLP Videos

NLP videos of people and processes - if a picture paints a thousand words, then how much more enlightening is a video. This site contains a number of videos which are summarized here.

Videos of some of the people behind Neuro Linguistic Programming

Steve Andreas

- Demonstrates the compulsion blowout technique to eliminate a compulsion to collect things.

Richard Bandler

- Demonstrates a process in his inimitable style.

Robert Dilts

- Explains "what is NLP" for him.

Milton Erickson

- Videos include some clips of Erickson and Robert Dilts and Jeffrey Zeig talking about their experiences with Erickson

John Grinder

- talks about the history of NLP and what he has added to his ideas in the meantime to correct some of the original flaws and gaps.

Fritz Perls

- in this short clip, Fritz talks about the origins of his dream technique.

Anthony Robbins

- talks about the 3 pillars you must have to support you in getting what you want.

Virginia Satir

- this video shows Virginia's incredible ability to accept the person's model of the world, to connect and to develop rapport.

NLP Anchoring

- in this video, kinesthetic, visual and auditory anchors are demonstrated and made explicit. There is also a very funny piece about stealing anchors.

Eye Body Language

, or eye patterns - this video clearly shows how to elicit and detect eye patterns

NLP Reframing

- some funny reframes from comedian Richard Stockton.

Mapping Across

- these two videos demonstrate the overlapping technique to deal with a chocolate addiction. This shows how the pattern can be used to change like to dislike.

NLP Swish

Process - Demonstration of a Swish pattern

NLP Swish

Explanation - Steve Andreas explains the keys to making this pattern work.

Triple Perspectives

- In this hilarious video, Alec Baldwin unwittingly demonstrates the power of this NLP technique (not quite in the order we would do it)

Well Formed Outcomes

- This video example shows the basic process and how seamlessly the steps can go together.

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