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Videos of some of the people behind Neuro Linguistic Programming

Photo of Steve Andreas

Steve Andreas

– Demonstrates the compulsion blowout technique to eliminate a compulsion to collect things.

Richard Bandler photo

Richard Bandler

– Demonstrates a process in his inimitable style.

Photo of Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts

– Explains “what is NLP” for him.

Photo of Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson

– Videos include some clips of Erickson and Robert Dilts and Jeffrey Zeig talking about their experiences with Erickson

Photo of John Grinder

John Grinder

– talks about the history of NLP and what he has added to his ideas in the meantime to correct some of the original flaws and gaps.

Photo of Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls

– in this short clip, Fritz talks about the origins of his dream technique.

Photo of Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins

– talks about the 3 pillars you must have to support you in getting what you want.

Photo of Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir

– this video shows Virginia’s incredible ability to accept the person’s model of the world, to connect and to develop rapport.

NLP Anchoring

– in this video, kinesthetic, visual and auditory anchors are demonstrated and made explicit. There is also a very funny piece about stealing anchors.

Eye Body Language

, or eye patterns – this video clearly shows how to elicit and detect eye patterns

NLP Reframing

– some funny reframes from comedian Richard Stockton.

Mapping Across

– these two videos demonstrate the overlapping technique to deal with a chocolate addiction. This shows how the pattern can be used to change like to dislike.

NLP Swish

Process – Demonstration of a Swish pattern

Steve Andreas

NLP Swish

Explanation – Steve Andreas explains the keys to making this pattern work.

Triple Perspectives

– In this hilarious video, Alec Baldwin unwittingly demonstrates the power of this NLP technique (not quite in the order we would do it)

Well Formed Outcomes

– This video example shows the basic process and how seamlessly the steps can go together.

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