Primary Interest

People Motivation Preference

With a people motivation preference as a primary interest sort, you would be outgoing and friendly and do well in people oriented jobs. Your focus would be relationships and relating.

people-preferenceTeaching, sales, public relations and healing needs good people sorting ability. Have you ever had a teacher who is passionate about information, but not people? Think of the absent-minded professor who forgets to show up and then is distracted.

This sort likes to talk to and about people (can degenerate into gossip) and may not like to be alone. They focus on the people aspects of activities and things, such as who they did things with. They might buy an iPad for its social networking uses rather than because it’s cool technology.

When talking about their experiences, they might say, “I was sitting next to this really interesting 5 year old at the restaurant, and she was telling me what it is like being an only child”

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