Persuasion and Influence

Persuasion and Influence skills can make a huge difference in your life. Most people know this when they fail in this task. Ever not been successful in a job interview? Ever not gotten what you wanted from someone even when it was a perfectly reasonable request?

Even beginners have found NLP techniques can positively change how persuasive and influential they are. Here are some excellent articles on the subject.

NLP Persuasion Techniques

NLP persuasion techniques involve influencing change over yourself and over the rest of the world from within. These techniques have gained massive success over the past few decades, and are now being used in a lot of self-development and therapy sessions

Weapons of Influence

Weapons of influence are amazing tactics of persuasion. These are not just random strategies to a person’s mind. The human psyche is a very interesting thing. If you study it well enough, you’ll be able to easily predict and control a person’s behavior or way of thinking.

7 Persuasion Tactics to Influence Anyone

It’s easy to influence anyone if you know the right persuasion tactics to use. Here’s a list of 7 powerful techniques to get the most out of your persuasion efforts.

Michael Lee is the author of the highly acclaimed How To Be An Expert Persuader… In 20 Days or Less. It reveals mind-altering persuasion secrets to greatly enhance your relationships, boost your career and business, and persuade anyone to willingly and eagerly do what you want… without them knowing it.

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