Primary Interest

Place Motivation Preference

With a place motivation preference as a primary interest sort you would have an strong awareness of your location. Certain places would be important. Where you did or were going to do something would be a key factor in your decisions.

I have a strong sense of place, and feel very disconnected away from my city. hagia sofiaI have lived in other parts of Australia as well as overseas and tend to get homesick as well as fascinated by other places. I tend to have lots of landscape and place photos

Things like where am I going to park are important (not sure if this is just me)

Place is meaningful. They might say something like – “We went to this great restaurant on the corner of Main Street and John’s Road. It was easy to park and the main dining area was up the stairs with a beautiful view of the city.” Successful Travel and Real Estate careers need a strong sense of place.

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