Proactive Action Filter – Action and Reflection

The proactive action filter combines action and reflection. This is Steven Covey’s concept of proactive. This combination is ideal in complex environments. Auditory digital and taking notice of feedback before acting or continuing is strongly developed.

proactive action filter diagram

We are able to take in information whether from our actions or observations and process it. We can stand back and see things in perspective, listen to what is actually going on, read between the lines.

Here we stop and check out the map rather than keep driving in the wrong direction. We work out the most effective way to do something rather than just keep doing it. We ask different questions like “How come there is always an emergency on Friday afternoon and I miss the train?”


This response is not so useful in emergencies, where instinct is required. It is easy to get stuck in the auditory digital way of being and try to use it for everything (I know this too well). Where performance is concerned, for instance sport or drama, the time for reflection is after the event not during. Internal Dialogue prevents being in the zone.

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