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Reflective Action Filter – Reflecting without Acting

The reflective action filter combines reflection with inaction. Thinking before making risky decisions is an important part of success. You can’t build a very stable or comfortable house without a well-considered blue print.

Considering consequences and being able to delay gratification for a bigger reward is part of growing up and becoming an effective adult.

reflective action filter diagram

Trying out different scenarios in your head first saves you a lot of pain and trouble. Figuring out what resources you need before you need them can be vital to success.

Alexander the Great was great because he considered logistics. “How much food and water do I need to get from A to B? When is the best time to go?” His predecessors just went with the flow. “We’ll just get what we need from the places we pillage along the way.” As we say in Oz, “She’ll be right”


Thinking and planning can easily become procrastination. There is a big difference between a little planning as part of the process and one where you are so afraid of making a mistake it becomes the main event.

The more you analyze consequences or implications, the less confident you are likely to become. You need to put planning and thinking in perspective. What percentage of the overall project would be reasonable? Plan your planning ha ha.

Are you afraid of making mistakes? You can lessen anxiety by taking small steps or considering the worst thing that could happen.

Often people who over think and plan are using an external Frame of Reference (which makes you less confident) or other referencing (trying to please everyone).

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