Meta Model Deletions

Simple deletions

Simple deletions are where part of the meaning are left out or lost. You can notice them in sentences with it and that. Also when referring to missing descriptions (adjectives) – as in “Please give me the report.”

Assuming that you know which category or thing the person means can get you into trouble. You think you know what the boss wants when she says “get me a report on it straight away”. Mind reading fills in the deletion gaps. We waste time creating something that doesn’t suit the purpose.

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Some examples

I’m so angry

  • About forgetting my own birthday
  • About him sending an email instead of a thank you
  • About getting older
  • About the poverty in Africa
  • About my candidate not winning the election
  • About being tricked out of everything I own

I broke my promise

  • The one to stop smoking
  • The one where you said you would always love me
  • To be home on time
  • To love honor and obey, forsaking all others till death do us part
  • To climb Mount Everest before I was forty
  • To become a doctor like Dad

Questions to Recover

  • What specifically are you angry about?
  • Which promise specifically?
  • Which report do you mean?
  • A report on what specifically?

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