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How things sound convinces sounds right people. They are particularly sensitive to the qualities of voices. News presenters for instance have an authoritative tone. They can often detect hesitancy or desperation in someone’s tone.

They prefer to hear about something or have someone talk to them. Auditory System representations are more persuasive than those in other representational systems are.

Flashy brochures or demonstrations aren’t so convincing. You have to actually sound convincing. Think about it – would a burly footballer with a high-pitched voice like a child, sound persuasive? Podcasts and recordings are useful.

They like to ask questions discuss and interact verbally to be convinced something is true, but it is not so much the words themselves that are important, but how you say them. Voice tone, volume, speed and rhythm determine persuasiveness.

Convincing Sounds Right Words and Phrases

The kinds of words and phrases that will resonate with them are auditory system words like “I hear what you are saying, ask, say, talk, tell yourself, listen, question, speak, shout, answer, verbalize, reply, declare, utter, whisper, eavesdrop, echo, hum, tone, resonate, music, song, melody, in tune with,”

You can also convince someone it’s not a good idea (or to convince if they have away from motivation direction) by using words such as “disagree, dissension, argument, disharmony, squabble, quarrel, argue, bicker, rave on, yapping, clash, clatter, rattle, clang, jangle, bang, clunky, thump, thud, smash, fight, moan, whine, whimper, mutter, groan, sigh, complain, grumble, gripe, drone on, sob, protest”


They might know someone cares by

  • the loving tone of voice someone uses
  • the phone calls they get
  • because of their partners willingness to talk
  • because they are told at certain times of the day or on particular occasions

They might demonstrate caring by

  • saying “I love you” at every opportunity
  • by ringing you every hour
  • making a music mix for you with special songs

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