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The Thinking Feeling Preference – How we Make Decisions

The Thinking Feeling preference is about how we make decisions, how we evaluate information.  Someone at the thinking end of the scale will use logic and rational criteria to make a decision. From the feeling end they will use personal values and considerations. Being on the extreme end of the scale for either preference can lead to problems.

This is not an either or category. We all use logic and analysis to make some decisions. Also, we use values and implications to make others. We might think we are rational creatures, or emotional creatures, but rarely are are choices solely one or the other.

This program is about which we do first, and which has the most weight.

The thinking feeling scale diagram

The thinking preference on the scale uses objective criteria to make decisions. They will analyze problems in a rational and impersonal way. An extreme thinking type can ignore people’s feelings and needs. They can come across as tough minded.

The feeling preference on the scale makes decisions subjectively. That is according to what is important to them (personal values). They consider the implications and how things will effect other people.

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