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The Thinking Preference

The thinking preference of on the thinking feeling scale uses objective criteria to make decisions. They will analyze problems in a rational and impersonal way. An extreme thinker can ignore people’s feelings and needs. They can come seem tough minded.

Judgment is of the cause/effect reasoning type. They will sometimes use external standards, the rules, the procedures. When combined with Intuiting they may use general big picture principles as standards.

What they value

This preference has a high value on competence, “truth” and justice. They don’t tend to take things personally or get sucked in to negative emotions or other people’s emoting. They tend to talk about experiences rather than of experiences.

This preference results in a love of order, achievement, dominance, ambition and endurance. They prefer to be consistent and fair than consider consequences for individual people and their feelings.


This kind of thinking is the ability to disconnect or dissociate. This is not the psychological pathology of “dissociate” – meaning an inability to feel. It doesn’t mean a person is incapable of feeling. It is about the ability to step out of our mental movies.For example, you are watching a roller coaster from a distance go slowly up the track and then speed down the other side – some arms are waving about and you can vaguely hear some high-pitched shrieks. You do not experience the emotions you would have if you were on the roller coaster. There will be some emotion – about what is seen.

You can choose to recall unpleasant past memories in the same way, as though you were an observer watching from a distance.

Different Information

When you recall experiences in a dissociated way, you get different kinds of information – about who was there and what else was going on. It also enables detached curiosity and tough mindedness. Processing like this allows for comparisons, so can come across as critical. In fact, the only way you can compare two experiences is to step out so you can see them both.

Where it comes from

A strong thinking preference can come from a way of dealing with particular unpleasant experiences. Then these can be generalized out so that all experiences, pleasurable and yucky are seen in a disconnected way. That is you are observing from a distance.

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