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Virginia Satir – Healing the World through Family Therapy

Virginia Satir was one of three amazing therapists modeled by John Grinder and Richard Bandler to create NLP. Richard Bandler met Virginia during the time he was editing transcripts of Fritz Perls – Inspiration for the Meta Model. He recorded a workshop she was doing and implicitly modeled her.

Later with John Grinder, he explicitly modeled her methods recording these in “The structure of magic volumes 1 and 2”, and “Changing with Families”.

NLP Techniques based her work include matching Representational Systems, NLP Reframing, the importance and observation of nonverbal aspects of communication, and parts negotiation.

Videos of Virginia on stage

Satir’s ideas

  • She saw family therapy is a way to heal the world.
  • Parts parties in which other people stand in for the various parts of the person.
  • The presenting issue is rarely the real problem. Problems arise from how people cope with the issue.
  • Personal power comes from congruence of all internal parts (words, behavior and feelings)
  • Meaningful change involves the whole person
  • Low self-esteem can cause major problems in behavior and relationships
  • Satir Categories and postures
    • Blamer – the authoritarian, pointing the finger
    • Placater – the one who will do anything to keep the peace
    • Distracter – change the subject, don’t sit still, can’t focus>
    • Computer (or Super Reasonable) – disconnected like a computer
    • Leveler – a balanced percpective with focusing on the needs of the situation

Relevant Books

The New Peoplemaking by Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir, the patterns of her magic. By Steve Andreas

Changing with Families. By Richard Bandler

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