Representational Systems

Visual System Processing

Someone with a preference for visual system processing will use their vision for memory and decision making. His or her main contact with the world will be through the eyes.
Visual processing can take in lots of information. A picture can carry more data than sound or feeling. This means they are often adept at seeing the big picture and long-range planning.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney and Albert Einstein were all accomplished visualizers. Motzart saw his musical compositions whole and then wrote them down. (1)

Visual Words

People who are processing visually use more words such as -See, view, seeing, visualizing, look, picture, illustrate, observe, perceive, perception, notice, vision, outlook, image.

Visual Clues

Other clues that someone has a preference for visual processing are –

  • They pay attention to how they, their homes and others look.
  • They need space to see their internal pictures – you can interrupt their thinking by being in their “picture place”.
  • They can also find it difficult to concentrate with lots of visual activity.
  • They talk quickly, breathe higher and often develop upper body tension. There is a lot more information in a picture than a verbal description.
  • They use visual information for planning, remembering and decision-making.
  • Need to see a picture of what you are saying.
  • They are better at remembering faces than names.
  • They prefer to see your facial reactions rather than the phone to understand what you are saying.

Visual processing Eye Patterns

A preference for visual processing show eyes moving up right and left more often, or sometimes straight ahead.

(1)From Robert Dilts Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP

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