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ENFJ is Sociable, Inspiring Leadership, Warm, Responsible

Extrovert – Intuiting – Feeling – Judging The ENFJ pattern creates empathy, warmth and responsibility. They are very supportive and empowering. They like to develop the potential of others. They nurture their relationships and insist on integrity and authenticity. Their idealism focuses on the potential in people. They like to be organized, particularly about their […]


Sensing Intuiting – how we know what we know

Sensing Intuiting is when we gather information from our environment, using our senses (Sensing) to attend to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations we perceive. We then process this information, to make meaning of it (Intuiting), to decide whether it is threatening or valuable.


ESFP – Outgoing, Realistic, Friendly, Accepting

Extrovert – Sensing – Feeling – Perceiving ESFPs add outgoingness, pleasure, friendly, accepting, flexible and spontaneous to equal “party animal”. They love people, fun and the joys of the material world. They have great people skills, being tolerant, tactful, sympathetic and accepting. They are persuasive and influential and enjoy working with people to make things […]


Meta Programs

Meta programs are our inputting, sorting and filtering preferences. They guide and direct our thought process and behavior. They determine how we motivate ourselves, make decisions, buy things, what we are interested in, how we manage time, how long we stay in a job or relationship, our effectiveness with tasks and how we solve problems.


Satir Categories Placater

Virginia Satir suggested that 50% of people will typically use the satir categories placater attitude. They say yes regardless of what they really feel or want.

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