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The Meta Model Distortions

The Meta Model distortions are responsible for some major limitations and poor map creation. Anything we make up, or that we have no sensory evidence for is a distortion. Maybe you are thinking, “I don’t make things up, I am a very down to earth person”.


Meta Model Generalizations

The The Meta Model generalizations make explicit the way we summarize and categorize our experiences. Generalizations are basically the rules we use to manage life.


Meta Model Deletions

Meta model deletions are how we pay attention to some parts of our experiences and not others. Really, we ignore or selectively attend more than we actually delete them, but hey, that’s what NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming calls it.


The Meta Model Problem Solving Strategies

The Meta model is a model for changing our maps of the world. It provides a number of problem solving strategies. We cause many of our problems by our unconscious rule governed behavior.

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