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Persuasion and Influence

Persuasion and Influence skills can make a huge difference in your life. Most people know this when they fail in this task. Ever not been successful in a job interview? Ever not gotten what you wanted from someone even when it was a perfectly reasonable request?


The Saving Face Meltdown

The Saving Face Meltdown The consequences of having to save face can be catastrophic as seen with the Fukushima power plant. So what exactly is this “face”? We can be lulled into thinking this is just a problem in certain cultures.


Eating, Beliefs and survival

Eating, Beliefs and survival I’ve been watching the devastating scenes of the tsunami destroying whole towns in Japan yesterday. The newscaster then switched to an interview with a foreigner who was living some way away, but who had lost power and transport. His biggest concern was that he had no food. In fact it was […]


Taxes, Demands and Procrastination

Every year I do the same thing. I get close to the deadline for submitting my tax return and then I am under pressure to actually get it done. There is more pain in thinking about to my taxes and actually doing them. There is a physical tension in my stomach so I go do […]


Procrastination, Momentum and Productivity

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. I was thinking about this the other day (instead of just starting probably). When I have a book to study, I don’t have to think about what to do first – the sequence is there. I don’t have to decide where to start, what to focus on or what […]

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