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History of NLP

Our history of NLP begins with Alfred Korzybski’s work in general semantics (language). According to Robert Dilts, Korzybski first mentioned the term “Neurolinguistics” in 1941 rather than as some have suggested the term was made up on the spot when Bandler was asked what he did.


Virginia Satir – Healing the World through Family Therapy

Virginia Satir was one of three amazing therapists modeled by John Grinder and Richard Bandler to create NLP. Richard Bandler met Virginia during the time he was editing transcripts of Fritz Perls – Inspiration for the Meta Model. He recorded a workshop she was doing and implicitly modeled her.


Steve Andreas

Steve Andreas was formerly known as John O Stevens. His mother was the well known Gestalt therapist Barry Stevens.  He has been teaching NLP since 1977 and was an early student of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. He and wife Connirae founded NLP Comprehensive, one of the first NLP training institutes.

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