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Richard Bandler – Master of Persuasion

Richard Bandler is the unconventional co-creator of NLP. Together with John Grinder in the early 70’s, he modeled Virginia Satir – Family Therapy, Fritz Perls (father of gestalt therapy) and later Milton Erickson – Legendary Hypnotherapist and developed a model of communication known as the Meta Model.


Milton Erickson – Legendary Hypnotherapist

Dr Milton Erickson was both a psychiatrist and psychologist. He was the founding president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists. Richard Bandler and John Grinder used his work as part of the foundation of NLP. He was one of three extraordinary therapists modeled by them – along with Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir.


John Grinder – co creator of NLP

John Grinder is the co creator of NLP along with Richard Bandler. They have entirely different approaches and focuses which probably led to them going off in separate directions.


Fritz Perls – Inspiration for the Meta Model

Fritz Perls was a Jewish psychiatrist and psychotherapist was one of three major therapists modeled by  Richard Bandler and John Grinder. He was himself heavily influenced by Wilhelm Reich, Jan Smuts, and Alfred Korzybski. As noted by Robert Dilts, Bandler and Grinder based much of the Meta Model on his patterns of questions.


Anthony Robbins – Master of Positive Powerful States

Anthony Robbins (Tony Robbins) is one of the most recognized personalities in NLP He is an outstanding marketer and media personality. He has probably contributed the most to the popularization of Neuro Linguistic Programming, writing books, appearing on infomercials, television (where he demonstrated the The NLP Phobia Treatment), radio and in the comedy Shallow Hal.

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