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Motivation Direction – Toward Pleasure and Away From Pain

The motivation direction Meta Program determines the type of consequences that are likely to move us to action. It is an important aspect of how we motivate ourselves. Are you motivated by what you want (pleasure) or by what you want to avoid (pain)? This particular program profoundly affects many aspects of our lives.


Theory X Away From Motivation

Theory X is the idea that people are motivated to avoid punishment. Our brains work as anti problem devices. The Amygdala in our brain uses fear to get us to pay attention to anything new, scary or out of place. Some research suggests that mild anxiety is our default operating system.


Goal Setting Motivation Theory – Focusing on What You Want

Setting goals to increase productivity has a long and well-known history. Frederick Taylor used goal setting motivation theory as part of “Scientific Management”. Other researchers such as Dr Edwin Locke and Gary P Latham have found that motivation overall increases by setting clear specific goals with immediate feedback.