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MBTI Metaprograms

Question What is the correlation between MBTI types and the metaprograms? Answer: Meta programs are our habitual ways of inputting, sorting and filtering our world. They are our typical patterns and strategies or thinking styles.


Definitions of NLP

Question: Give some definitions of NLP. Answer: Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) studies the structure of subjective experience. That means the experiences we have in our own minds. We think and act based on our Internal representations of the world rather than the world itself.


Controlling People and Fate

Question Hi there, the question i have in mind is kinda strange… is it possible that if i used self hypnosis and the basics of the law of attraction, i can use my Unconscious mind to control people’s actions and emotions remotely? even driving things-out of my control- to be in my favor? i.e. create my […]


Content and Process

Question: What is the difference between content and process? Answer: Really important thing to know. Content: An argument can be about any number of topics. A couple can argue about money, the kids, who does the most housework etc.


Auditory Digital Article

Question In the article: Auditory Digital Processing, you say that it is not useful for performance situations. What do you mean by performance situations? Can you give a few examples?

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