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Controlling People and Fate


Hi there,

the question i have in mind is kinda strange… is it possible that if i used self hypnosis and the basics of the law of attraction, i can use my Unconscious mind to control people’s actions and emotions remotely? even driving things-out of my control- to be in my favor? i.e. create my own Muppet show!!

i know the idea is scary, but I’ll appreciate any feedback you might have about this scenario.


Wouldn’t it be great if other people were just like puppets and did what we commanded?

Then again, I get this when I play commuter games – all my peasants go chop wood etc. And after a while it becomes totally boring and I want to go play with real people who aren’t so predictable. It’s the surprising things and the different ways people think that give our lives juice.

And while it may be possible to control the external world, I don’t know anyone who has actually succeeded, not even those gurus. Certainly you can influence outcomes by becoming more skilled with your communication for example.

However, I would like to ask my favorite question “For what purpose?” What would it give you to have that kind of control? A feeling of certainty, power, confidence, or a loving relationship even?

You might waste years trying to find a way to control people and miss a lot of opportunities to get your real outcome.

People spend decades trying to become wealthy, when what they really want is to be able to travel, or spend time with their families. By going for the indirect goal, they might get the money but not what they wanted it for.

To me the best way to have any kind of power over fate is to make sure your outcomes are clear and Well Formed and more importantly to be clear what you actually want.

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