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Open Loop Metaphors


Hi, I am intrigued after listening to people talking about Constructing 5 open loop metaphors, how would you go about that? Thanks



You can have as many open loops as you can keep track of. The general structure of creating nested loops is covered in this question Metaphors for Metaphors

The purpose of an open loop in a training for instance is to maintain interest. People are naturally curious. If you say something that sparks their curiosity and then don’t close off on that curiosity, it can maintain attention for a very long time.

Consider the search for the Loch Ness monster. People have been travelling to Scotland for decades to get a glimpse of the creature. Every now and then a sighting is reported and people have their interest triggered again.

It’s like using a network router it boosts the signal, otherwise it fades over time.

We have many many open loops in our lives. Incomplete projects, unfulfilled wishes, unfinished business.

According to Dave Allen in his book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity the average person has at least 150 incomplete projects competing for attention. Hence the problem with internal dialogue. “Hey don’t forget to clean the garage”.

People with a judger Meta program have more need for closure of these loops. Perceivers are happy mostly to let things stay open.

We can only keep track of course of so many things in conscious attention. So the first loop opened -the conscious mind will be keeping track of that. “Hey he was talking about how to make $50,000.”

The second loop may still be tracked in consciousness. “Did he say something about a new software program that did something surprising?”

By the third loop things are probably getting a bit hazy, and by the fourth and fifth only tracked by the unconscious mind unless it is something important.

“Hey wait, what about that Inca Trail thing?” The inner loops are a type of embedded command. You can layer your message so they are received unconsciously.

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