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I know the milton model was created after studying milton eriksons work? but doing all the 3 levels of NLP that can qualify also as an advanced hypnotist do you learn basicly the same things? If not can you please detail what you learn in NLP about hypnosis and what you learn at the hypnosis course.

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NLP hypnosis is more conversational. It is not the same as traditional hypnotherapy, you do not learn “the same thing” in an NLP training, although there are many overlaps.

Learning NLP with a good trainer, will enable you to achieve the same results – as they say, “there is more than 1 way to skin a cat” (yuck what a terrible metaphor)

In other words, the Milton model goes to the heart of how we create trance. What we do with that trance state is another thing entirely. Timeline therapy is not part of the Milton model, but something similar is often used in hypnosis.As for being able to practice hypnosis, every country and state has different requirements and this is another issue.

Some countries have very strict requirements for licensing of hypnotherapists and others don’t require licensing at all. Most health funds have very strict requirements before they will reimburse.

I was able to get membership of my local hypnotherapy association and also professional indemnity insurance on the basis of my NLP Master Practitioner qualifications.

Different associations will have different requirements. Also not all NLP trainings will give you what you need.

If you want to qualify as a hypnotherapist, you need to ask the right questions of the trainer, and also your local hypnosis association

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