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The Resource Becomes the Anchor


I have practiced anchoring and have found that when I anchor a specific state, something unexpected has happened. Lets say that I want to anchor positivity and I choose to use rubbing my index finger and thumb together as if I was making a ball out of play dough. What happens is not only when I rub my fingers together does it trigger positive feelings, positive feelings will sometimes be the anchor that triggers a physiological response of subconsciously rubbing those two fingers together.

I guess the two become one in a sense. I haven’t heard anyone teach on this aspect of anchoring before. Please shine light on this issue.


The thing about any kinesthetic response, is is has a residual effect that takes some time to dissipate. A purely visual anchor like a word triggering a picture doesn’t do this. That is why to get a clean anchor you break state by shaking it out etc.

So when setting an anchor you connect a positive state to a discrete position like holding thumb and finger together and when the response goes past the peak, then you let go and shake it out.

Reinforcing States

With an anchoring technique like the circle of excellence you are using that residual effect to intensify and reinforce the state.

This is kind of what happens with a good sexual relationship. The good feelings stack on top of each other and then just seeing that person for instance can start the whole cycle again.

Because you are rubbing your thumb and finger together you are reinforcing the effect. Like what happens when a microphone feeds back into a speaker and it squeals.

Negative Downward Spirals

It can be pleasant as you have found. This natural occurrence can also trigger a downward spiral as if someone gets in a negative state, connects it to something in their environment and then that triggers more bad feelings. It can be challenging to break that feedback loop, mostly because we aren’t aware of what is happening.

Hope this answers what you had in mind.

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